Artist’s Statement

All my works -- whether they are small or large, destined for public institutions or private residences, for galleries or museums, for religious or commercial use – are expressions of my view of the world and my feelings about it, of my understanding about my place in it and that of other people, and to the world

I am drawn to balance and harmony in the world and in my compositions, and I try to express a feeling of happiness, a goal to which I aspire in life and in art. I don't feel that I have to be bound by preconceptions or presumptions as to what art or glass art in particular should be.

On the other hand I generally like people and want to create for them works of art that give them enjoyment.  I work well with people and honor their input when possible.

I also believe in humor, sometimes irreverent, and I love modern art insofar as it conveys a new feeling of freedom and space. I identify with that, and think that my best works give people a lot of room to breathe.

My work is deceptively simple. What I am trying to do is distill out a lot of the noise that surrounds us all and create works that are accessible, and even aesthetic.