Color, shape, light and texture - this is Bob Nechin's artistic vocabulary. Glass is the medium in which he expresses himself.

The range of his work, from huge stained glass window projects in synagogues and public buildings, to intimate, personal fused glass reliefs, testifies to the range of his vision and creativity.

He has executed commissions and exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel, the United States and Europe. All of these works demonstrate a lasting fascination with glass, a truly unique artistic material that is at one and the same time ethereal and fragile, substantial and commanding.

The world view that he presents is optimistic, original and irreverent. He aims to create art that gives range for the spirit and freedom for the mind.

Welcome to the world of a unique glass artist whose positive curiosity and enthusiasm is apparent in every one of his creations.

Public Buildings and Institutions


Stained Glass in

Creation of stained glass for public buildings and institutions is sometimes a difficult challenge.

Robert Nechin has amassed extensive experience in the design and construction of stained glass windows for synagogues and other religious institutions.

Working with private clients Robert Nechin creates unique glass works that fit intimately into their lives and give a source of beauty and happiness that they can experience every day.

Sculptures and Screens

Fused Glass Wall

Sketches for Glass Projects

As an artist working in glass it is only natural that Robert Nechin never ceases to seek new ways of expression and to create original works of art.

The artist developed a method of hanging the pieces slightly distanced from the wall - so as to allow light to pass though them, giving them life

Design of glass projects is a critical step in the creation of the art. It is at this point that the artist expresses his/ her personality and style